Call for artists 

For its first exhibition cycle, Jardino's team is pleased to issue the following call for artists:


Intĭm ~ us

« The intimate is the world of the I that opens up to the encounters of life. »
François Gachoud

Writer and philosopher


The period we are going through has seen a considerable upheaval in our relationships. Repeated phases of lockdown have disrupted our intimacy, both personal and relational. The recommended physical distancing has often been replaced by an injunction to social distancing as an antidote to what psychologist Joëlle Mignot has called the "virus of intimacy". The ubiquitous concern for our physical health based on a mechanical conception of our being has often overshadowed other vital needs, such as our mental well-being as well as our emotional, sensual and sexual needs.

In a context where the other appears as a vector of potential threat to our physical integrity, how to cultivate relational intimacy, this privileged space of sharing and surrender? 

How to dare opening up to the other and let ourselves be vulnerable in a world where fear and mistrust seem to have conquered the collective imagination and colonized our subconscious?

What would be the new ways of connection, and the forms of expression of our affection and intimacy?


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The exhibition cycle
1st cycle of collective exhibition at Jardino, located in the Nolo district of Milan, located just steps away from Martesana canal. The exhibition is curated by Julia Rajacic, independent curator and founder of Jardino.

Calendar :  
Deadline for applications: March 26, 2021 
Notification of selection: April 2, 2021 on Jardino's social media
Date of the exhibition: May 2021 (precise dates will be communicated shortly)
Duration of the exhibition: 3 weeks

How to apply  : 
The application is open to all disciplines of visual art: painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video art, drawing, installation, ....

The application file must contain :  
- Note of intention of the artist or artists' collective
- Presentation of a maximum of 5 works : 
Visual presentation of the work (photos / videos / model) 
Details of the works: medium, dimensions, date, title

Selling rice for each artworks
 - Biography + CV
- Contact info

The works must be original   

Registration and deposit fees: none  

Send your application by email only to the following address:

Jardino’s team is available to answer your questions by email, or by phone (+39 353 354 4406 ). 

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