« The intimate is the world of the I that opens up to the encounters of life. »
François Gachoud

Writer & philosopher


The period we are going through has seen a considerable upheaval in our relationships. Repeated phases of lockdown have disrupted our intimacy, both personal and relational. The recommended physical distancing has often been replaced by an injunction to social distancing as an antidote to what psychologist Joëlle Mignot has called the "virus of intimacy". The ubiquitous concern for our physical health based on a mechanical conception of our being has often overshadowed other vital needs, such as our mental well-being as well as our emotional, sensual and sexual needs.

In a context where the other appears as a vector of potential threat to our physical integrity, how to cultivate relational intimacy, this privileged space of sharing and surrender? 

How to dare opening up to the other and let ourselves be vulnerable in a world where fear and mistrust seem to have colonized our subconscious and conquered the collective imagination ?

What would be the new ways of connection, and the forms of expression of our affection and desire?


Artists presented : Alessandra e Francesca Oro (Italia) / Giada D'Addazio (Italia) /Leila Mariani (Italia)/ Floriana Savino (Italia) / Simonetta Rossetti (Italia) / Priya Jot Gasparini (Italia) / Przemek Kret (Nomade) / Fabiana Peña Pacheco (Columbia) / Elizabeth Rakhilkina (Russia) / Ala Leresteux (Lituania) / Amir Ahmad Khieri (Iran) / Farzaneh Rezaei (Iran) / Ambre Cardinale (Francia) / Léa Dumayet (Francia) / Miss Cha (Francia) / Uter Broderies (Francia) / Filip Boyadjiev (Bulgaria) / Tianchang Wu (Cina)

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